Ciao! This is Erica.
I'm an Italian freelance illustrator who enjoys everything that's whimsical.
when I'm not drawing, you can find me in the forest, seeking for new adventures in the wild, or with my nose stuck in a good book in my cottage. I definitely got a love for DnD, cat and tea.
Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Genoa and graduated at the IDEA Academy in Rome, at the Illustration 360 masterclass.
I like gettin’ inspired by nature and its wonders, by mythological, folktales and from every kind of narrative.
phone:      +39 331 4585109
skype id:   erii.fichera
Piemme, Il Battello a Vapore - Mondadori - Attaccapanni Press - EditriceAve 
2018 - Disegni al sole - RESISTIAMO le Resistenze del passato, le Resistenze del presente
2018 - Premio Fedriani - In un libro
2019 - Premio Fedriani - Il lavoro difficile
2019 - 6° rassegna Notte di Fiaba - Sandokan e le Tigri della Malora
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